About Us

In 1962, the Port Macquarie Baptist Church was formed with 13 members. Originally they were a small group of Christians who met in a home, then as they grew;
they began to meet in the CWA Hall receiving assistance from the Kempsey Baptist Church.

They built an A-framed church in Gordon Street that was opened in 1964.

When they outgrew those premises they built the current complex at 18 McIntyre Close which was opened in 1993

Through the many seasons and changes in society, we continue to meet to encourage one another in the truth we have discovered: life in Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

It is our mission to be disciples of God and share with others who God is & how to best represent
God to the world; how to be agents of the Kingdom of God.

We also endeavour to disciple others and help others grow spiritually,
to help others understand how to live as the people of God in the world,
to help others learn about the responsibilities & privileges of being in God’s family.

Meet our Pastor Simon & his Family

Simon is married to Susanna & they met in Mudgee when Simon was pastor of the Presbyterian church & Susanna was a student at ANU. Simon & Susanna married in the church where he was pastor & everyone there was truly lovely about it. After Mudgee, they moved to Narromine as the Baptist church there needed a pastor. Simon & Susanna had three kids in Narromine. After the drought got real bad, God called Simon & Susanna to Port Macquarie where they are enjoying working with God there.

Simon grew up in Malaysia but ran away to sea while a young man. After seven years as a sailor, he felt God calling him to Bible college & ended up at the Baptist Theological College in Sydney (because it was cheap & he was broke- sanctified pragmatism at work there folks). While at Morling (the abovementioned Baptist College) Simon was mentored by a Presbyterian minister who asked him to pray about serving in Mudgee (which was a good thing).

Susanna grew up in Alectown which is about 20 minutes from Parkes (famous for The Dish). She was studying to be a violinist at ANU when she met Simon. After many six hour drives and hours and hours on the phone, she agreed with Simon that it was probably more convenient for them to get married. Sanctified pragmatism at work again.

At this point in time, Simon & Susanna have 4 kids under seven. It is a lot of work & both Simon & Susanna don’t sleep a lot. God is teaching them to be gracious & loving while being sleep deprived which is like learning how to be gracious & loving but on steroids.

Simon & Susanna occasionally remember what it was like to have free time. They try to grasp these memories, but it is like reaching for the sea mist as it disperses with the rising of the sun. One day, Simon hopes to be able to read, play computer games (RPGs), & watch movies. Susanna on the other hand fantasises about sleeping in actual eight hour blocks, walking on the beach, & playing more violin.

Our Leadership Team

simon chen


Cathy Barker


Bron lOwe


rod noble

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alan barker

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laura baker

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colin lowe

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Committed to following Jesus and leading others to be followers of Jesus

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